A conversation with John Scott QC

In this question and answer session with John, we explore how COVID-19 has impacted the work of the review, including a change in the way we engage with our stakeholders, what we can expect the interim report to look like and how you can still get involved in the consultation. John also tells us about his new role and how the pandemic has affected him. Click on the link to listen to John’s response to the following questions;

Q: it’s been a while since your last interview John, and I think it’s fair to say that things have taken quite a dramatic turn since then. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected everybody in different ways, how has this affected you?

Q: What provisions have been made on the review to accommodate for your change in circumstances and shift in priorities for many of our stakeholders?

Q: So far we are uncertain about when the current social distancing measures will change, if things continue this way, will this change future plans for the review, particularly plans to consult with people in phase 2?

Q: We have seen a number of changes in the law in response to the pandemic, including temporary changes to mental health law, introduced by the Coronavirus Act. Can you explain a bit more about these emergency provisions and the impact these changes could have on the work of the review?

Q: For people out there who would like to contribute but don’t feel that they are in a position to do so at the moment, what advice would you give them?

Sophie Ryder – Secretariat

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