ALLIANCE Live with John Scott QC August 2021

John Scott QC
August 2021

Update on SMHLR

1. We had the pleasure of speaking with you early last year on the work of the Review. How is participation going within the
Review? Are people getting involved? And are there any groups you would still like to hear from?

2. Now that you’ve taken a lot of evidence, what have been the key learning points?

You published an Interim report in July, which I believe is the 3rd such report since the Review was established. This report details the work you have done so far, and the centrality of a human rights based approach.

3. What would you say have been the most significant themes?

You’ve spoken before on how the Review aims to reach agreement on certain key aspects for reform, particularly on what (and who) mental health law should be for, and second, what principles should underpin the operation of mental health law.

4. This is a key area within your interim report. Can you speak to the principles and purpose of mental health law, and who
should be covered by it?

The Review sits within a context of increased discourse on human rights. In the report you mention in particular recommendations from the Human Rights Task Force around incorporation of human rights instruments, as well as the recommendations from the Independent Review of Adult Social Care.

5. How do you see the work of Review sitting within this context, and how is your approach complimenting such

6. What are the next steps for the Review?

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