The Alliance interview John Scott QC

ALLIANCE Live Interview with John Scott.
Tuesday 10 March 2020
Melting Pot – Edinburgh

In this Q&A session Irene Oldfather from The Alliance interviews John Scott QC about the Scottish Mental Health Law Review. Click on the interview to hear John’s response to the following questions:

Q: Can you tell me about the scope of the Review and why it’s needed?

Q: How are you going to ensure that people and communities get involved?

Q: So, for anyone watching this who has a story to tell how can they participate?

Q: Are there any big ticket issues that you’ve already identified that need attention?

Q: Lots of people are interested in Power of Attorney – do you think that will be about changing the law or the Guidance?

Q: There’s been some criticism about the current legislation not sufficiently protecting human rights – is that fair? How will you take that forward?

Q: What’s the timeframe for the Review?

Irene Oldfather – The Alliance

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